Anonymous asked:
Yesss, that's the url. gif is on page 3!

Cool :)

Anonymous asked:
You should check out gifdolls tumblr, they recently posted Ginta gifs!

I that the url? gifdolls? alright, I will :) 


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What’s up with all the porn on model tags?


Ginta // Just Cavalli ss 2010

Old times

sweetsweetsmile asked:
I love your blog, and I love Ginta! Please don't go away :)

Thank you:)

christian-dior-haute-couture asked:
Don't give up on Ginta or this blog! College is important but you can still post once in a while! Take care! <3

Thanks for caring for this blog:)
Take care!

Anonymous asked:
Oh Aimeee!! you finally see a good Lasenza video and now you want to leave Ginta?!! Omg the drama *faints* XD Seriously thou do what makes you happy! I would leave this page here thou, as an archive of natural beauty if nothing else, shame to do all this awesome blog and then bin it.. trust me i wish id left mine and not used it anymore, or saved all my tumblr out before i deleted it lol. If you do leave then i wish you all the best for the future, stay awesome! *hugs*.. bt

Thank you, that is very sweet of you :) well I don’t know. I mean, now that I am in College I don’t even have the time to surf the web to find Ginta’s new jobs before others do, now the info is kind of delayed when I post it. But I might be still here, just not as active. We’ll see. Take care.