Ginta Lapina at Iceberg S/S 2010-11

barbie is that you?

Anonymous asked:
When asked about ginta modelling-confessions replied that "As a model, she’s boring beyond belief and unsettlingly prepubescent-looking." What do you think?

Oh well, that’s pretty rough! but I imagine they asked for their opinion, and they gave it. Now you are asking for mine, though… so!

First of all, I obviously don’t think that Ginta is “boring beyond belief”  and Galliano, YSL, Gaultier, Anna Sui, Domenico & Stefano, François Nars, Cavalli, Donatella, Miuccia, Derek Lam, Jil Stuart, Marc Jacobs, Giampaolo Sgura, Rossella Jardini, Pheobe Philo and many others think that she isn’t  ”boring”. Ginta looks serious when she has to, sexy when she has to, and bubbly when she has to, an attribute not every model has, that’s talent in my opinion.You can see the sexy elegant lady for YSL, the orgasmic chick for NARS, cocaine addict for DSQuared2 2Delicious2Dump, sexy and summerish for Just Cavalli, Madonna attitude for Gaultier, Monroe attitude for Blackglama and the bubbly chick for VS Pink or even Express. And that’s all Ginta Lapina. So, excuse me if I definitely have to differ with “she is boring beyond belief”.

Second of all! “unsettingly prepubescent looking”. Does the person who runs this blog know what “prepubescent” means? Kiddos that are not pubescents yet, usually between 12 and 15 year old. This is a 25 year old woman, who yes looks younger than she is, but definitely doesn’t look like a 12-15 year old kid. Even though I am not the greatest fan of Ginta’s work for La Senza, you can see there that she doesn’t look “unsettingly prepubescent”. Take a glance at Ginta for Express or H&M, she looks mature but youthful. I won’t deny that she looks younger than she is, if somebody asked me “how old do you think this woman is?” I would say 22. 

I respect this other blog’s opinion! but I have to differ, I so disagree with it. Hope this helped, though! 

PS. see what I mean when I say that there are enough confession blogs out there? Just kidding:p 

sixhundredmiles asked:
Hello! Just wanted you know if you know where I can find the full version of a picture of Gina : it's a photo taken by Derek Lam in 2010 "spring/summer". She is half naked and wear a white vest. I can't find it anywhere and I just love this picture so much ! Thanks :) xx

I am thinking of Ginta for Derek Lam and she indeed had a campaign for the brand that season, but the description you give me is not what I have in mind…
Is it the black & white shot where she is covering one of he breasts with one hand and the other one is covered by a white jacket? that is what comes to my mind with the description you gave… by Yu Tsai, I think it was.

Anonymous asked:
Sometimes I look at ginta and I kind of see myself. We have the same eyes and hair and nose but her mouth is way nicer. But it's odd how similar we look.

Nice! you’re pretty lucky then